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Customer Reviews for Beyonce

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Beyoncé Slayed Los Angeles

Ricky from Los Angeles, California
7th September 2023

Beyoncé Slayed Los Angeles Period!

Bey in phoenix

Jacqui Bailey from Phoenix, Arizona
25th August 2023

I've seen Bey 4 times, I know u have to evolve but to me icons need to stick with what folks know, I understand u have to stay relevant but I did not like this show. Be like Adele cut the cinemetography, all u need is a mike and sing shit we all love, I love u bey but u don't need all this extra shit be how u were back in the day sing the shit everyone loves, please do a tour of old shit, renaissance is ok but no one really wants to hear it, I would rather see u like at the Wynn just a Mike and your brilliance, like Ed steering, luv u though, Blue was brilliant


Isis E from Los Angeles, California
5th September 2023

Good - She is a great performer and the songs I knew were fun. Bad - DJ came out for 50 minutes. Could not hear him. Music was too loud and he was only playing on the small part of the screen. She then didn’t come out for 45 minutes. No other performance. Sound was horrible from our seats 500s. You could barley make out what was said. Not using the monitor in the middle did not add that special touch for those up top. It just didn’t feel like there was consideration for all those fans. High and low. Only 2 artist Diana Ross and Kendrick Lamar, who we missed because it was 11:30 and didn’t want to be stuck in traffic. Just wasn’t the show I thought it would be. Won’t do a concert at sofi unless I’m in seats 200 and below. Love Bey but won’t go again! Not feeling new music.

Love Beyonce but…

Lisa from Los Angeles, California
2nd September 2023

Beyoncé was amazing, however at the sofi stadium we couldn’t hear a word she said OR sang. The acoustics were the worst of I’ve ever heard. She is beautiful the visuals were amazing but the SOUND SUCKED! No bash on Bey! I’ll never go to a concert at sofi again.

Late, muffled sound, no big screen monitors to see = BAD!!

jack from Detroit, Michigan
31st July 2023

What can I say.. I've been to alot of concerts in my 60 years, the first being The Jackson 5, and boy have things gotten bad! The ticket said the concert started at 7pm, but then the media was saying 8pm. It didn't matter, she came out after 9:30 on a Wednesday night, no less! The bass rattled so loud you could barely stand it. Then, she had a screen on stage with a hole cut into it, that she performed inside of most of the show. If you were anywhere to the side, you couldn't see anything because there were no big screen monitors used except for the wall on stage that you couldn't see! It was one of the worst stage set-ups I had ever seen! I guess she didn't want anyone to see her too close up, like maybe she was afraid of showing her age? Anyhow, I never got to see her daughter because I couldn't see a monitor, and so quite a bit of the show was meaningless and therefor her themes didn't make sense. It seemed like a pure "money grab" to me, and I left very disappointed!


John from Boston, Massachusetts
2nd August 2023

From the lack of simply performing hits, to the horrible sound system, the worst rendition of Donna Summer, the poor “tribute” to the Queen of Rock, Tina, to the inexplicable insertion of a Diana Ross hot, and a obvious “non-mention” of Madonna who made Vougeing mainstream- what an utter disappointment from an otherwise gorgeous, talented, person. So sad to write this review.